Paolo’s Pasta

Paolo uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pasta dishes (except seafood) will be garnished with shaved parmesan.

Add $2.50 for gluten free pasta (gnocchi or penne). Add $2.00 for vegan cheese


Linguine All Puttanesca


Traditional Neapolitan sauce w/ capers & olives tossed w/ chilli, anchovies & sundried tomatoes



Pink sauce w/ salmon, capers & red onion topped with rocket & smoked salmon



Alternate layers of pasta sheets, Bolognese sauce, mozzarella & béchamel (oven baked)

Risotto Alla Pescatora


Arborio rice cooked with fresh mussels, clams, prawns, calamari, garlic, in light cherry tomato and white wine sauce.



Traditional, Bolognese ragu sauce

Wild Mushroom Pappardelle


Sautéed onion and garlic sauce with a mix of wild mushrooms, mascarpone cheese finished w/ truffle oil, and grana Padano.

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina


Potato gnocchi w/ Napoletana sauce, fiore di latte & basil (oven baked)

Linguine allo Scoglio


selection of fresh seafood (prawns, king prawns, fresh mussels calamari, and clams) in spicy cherry tomato sauce

Gnocchi Ai Formaggi


Potato gnocchi with 4 cheeses (gorgonzola, gruyere, provolone, & fiore di latte) oven baked

Impepata Di Cozze


A generous bowl of fresh black mussels cooked in a light tomato and pinot grigio sauce served with homemade crusty bread.

Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto


Veal tortellini tossed with ham in a creamy parmesan sauce

Linguine Alle Vongole


Traditional Neapolitan dish with fresh vongole tossed in delicate white wine spicy cherry tomato and fresh parsley.
~ depends of availability ~



Ricotta & Spinach ravioli w/ speck in a gorgonzola sauce finished /w toasted walnuts (inc garlic & onion)

Catch of Day Alla Siciliana


pan-fried fresh wild-caught red emperor served with caponata (zucchini eggplant tomato pinoli and sultanas) topped with vongole and water spinach or rocket.



Prawns tossed in a delicate white wine & garlic cream sauce w/ chilli

Linguine Al Granchio


Blue swimmer Fraser Island crab meat, shaved asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and chili cooked in a light white wine topped with a soft-shell crab

All pasta will be served with shaved parmesan except for seafood dishes
Add $2.50 for gluten free pasta (gnocchi or penne) Add $2.00 for vegan cheese
If you enjoy extra heat our
housemade chilli oil is a
real firecracker!
Just ask and we will
deliver it to your table